Is Wi-Fi 6 a good solution to solve network problems?

Nowadays, the popularity of wireless networks, that is, Wi-Fi is still very wide. Basically, users who install broadband will choose to install wireless networks. After all, wireless networks are a wireless network area provided by broadband. Let mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. be connected, and the home wireless network is OK, but once it is outside, such as a big shopping mall or a station, the wireless network will appear because more people use it. The connection is not going to happen, even the Wi-Fi at home will be like this, and the previous CES2019 used a new technology – Wi-Fi 6. (802.11ax)

Wi-Fi 6, this new technology brings a new experience to our network connection in the future, using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) to ensure the bandwidth of each device connection by adjusting the download and upload links. Just like the multitasking processor on a computer system, this new technology can not guarantee the network usage of each device because there are too many connections, and this technology realizes that each device can stabilize the bandwidth, and Increase channel capacity and spatial multiplexing, allowing access points to intelligently decide data transmission time points to share channel capacity. Simply put, the network speed is faster and the network is more stable!

As mentioned before, the new technology is geared toward public places. Wi-Fi 6 is also aimed at accommodating more equipment, frequent communication requests, and the problem of wireless network disconnection. Even many home routers have such problems, so the promotion of this technology is an urgent task. It is precise because of this that Wi-Fi 6 technology has emerged, so much, except for public use, then we personally or units want to use it?

The Wi-Fi 6 router is already available for purchase, but it is now also available in public spaces, and it needs to wait for individuals or organizations to buy. But if a large company needs it, it can be purchased, and the router is not cheap. And one of the most important things is that even if Wi-Fi 6 is officially popularized, our devices will not be used, and this is not a great irony. Of course, these don’t have to worry about us. These follow-ups will be developed by developers or a generic plug-in or program.

When Wi-Fi 6 was not able to support various devices, Apple became one of the first device manufacturers to adopt this technology, meaning that on the new iPhone, even if the iPhone network is not working, but it is connected wirelessly. The stability of the net is the strongest. Samsung is not willing to show weakness, FCC regulatory documents show that Samsung S10 will also be equipped with Wi-Fi 6 this new technology, as other mobile phone manufacturers have not yet heard the news, after all, can accept Wi-Fi 6, but Wi-Fi 6 This technology is not popular.

It is also worth mentioning that the conflict between Wi-Fi 6 and 5G is not small, but a number of data show that the development of Wi-Fi 6 technology does not hinder the development of 5G, but the existence of complementarity. And the practicality of Wi-Fi 6 is bigger than 5G, so even if 5G is developed again, it is still difficult to seize the status of Wi-Fi 6 in unlimited traffic. I believe that many people do not care about wireless networks because of unlimited traffic, but know that the speed and stability of wireless networks are incomparable to mobile traffic.

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