AWS fully assists the digital transformation of Huashan Hospital

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced today that Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University has adopted AWS Cloud Services to accelerate digital transformation. Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University successfully transferred applications such as reservation bus, quantitative pharmacological analysis, and first-phase clinical research to the cloud, and deployed it in the AWS China (Beijing) are operated by the new optical network, which not only greatly accelerated the deployment and reduction of new applications. The cost of infrastructure has helped the hospital to improve in many aspects such as medical teaching and research.

Established in 1907, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University is the hospital of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Fudan University Affiliated Teaching Hospital and the Chinese Red Cross. In 1992, it was first approved by the national third-class hospitals. It is one of the famous international medical teaching and research centers in China and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.

Through the application of AWS, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University has greatly improved the level of service patients and research capabilities. Among them, with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Huashan Hospital has released a reservation bus system, patients can make appointments through various channels, the appointment process through intelligent screening to achieve accurate appointments, reducing the number of patients going to the hospital and waiting time, each year Serving more than 1.1 million patients. In addition, from the scientific research point of view, Huashan Hospital uses AWS’s powerful computing resources for quantitative pharmacological analysis, efficiently and cost-effectively solves a large number of computational problems that were difficult to solve before, and successfully developed vancomycin personalized drug decision-making assistance system. “SmartDose” has successfully served more than 80 medical institutions.

Huang Hong, director of the Information Center of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said, “The stable and reliable, advanced technology and rich product features of AWS prompted us to choose AWS as the preferred cloud service. Through the use of AWS, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University has accelerated the deployment of new applications. The time has been reduced from the previous 1-3 months to 1 day, and the proportion of infrastructure in the total budget has dropped from 40% to 20%. The same operation and maintenance personnel can manage more than 1 times more applications and data than before. AWS Cloud The service brings hospital informationization into a new era. In the future, we expect to adopt more AWS products and services in big data analysis, clinical research, and information security to accelerate business innovation and bring more benefits to patients.”

Zhang Wenzhao, AWS Global Vice President and Executive Director of Greater China, highly praised Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. He said: “Currently, more and more public service organizations hope to get rid of the traditional IT infrastructure and create a cloud environment to gain more. Freedom and control, innovation and expansion to better serve the public. Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University has set a good example for public service organizations.”