How to implement Mikrotik ROS and NETGEAR GS116EV2 reusable through a single network cable

In view of the fact that there are few articles by ros, record the equipment and technology used in the home network transformation for your reference. I am a non-professional person and I just like a toss. If there is a need, I can write another article on the combination of AC+AP. By the way, remind the small partners who are decorating, we must pay attention to the coverage of the wireless network, not a problem that can be solved by throwing a router or two. If you don’t care about beauty, MESH routers are also good.

Reason to buy

In order to solve the pit left by the decoration of the house at that time, two switches have been used to solve the problem of single network cable reuse. After the network cable was upgraded to 600M, I felt that the AC68U was unable to do what I wanted. In addition, there were many load-bearing walls at home and the wireless signal was poor. Two AC68U groups AImesh were used to solve the wireless network coverage problem. Later, I simply bought a small router hAP AC2 and placed it in the weak current box. , Combined with the GS116EV2 in the living room to form a single network cable multiplexing, and then bought the AC+AP of TP-LINK’s wifi6. When I talked about TP-LINK, I was very disdainful before, but the price increase of UBNT is far from my budget. It’s getting farther and farther (what was the reason for the exchange rate and tariffs at the time), after installing TP-LINK, to be honest, I didn’t encounter any inexplicable problems, it was still very good, and I will describe it in detail in the next article.

Appearance Gallery

The appearance is small and exquisite because it is a technical article, it is not photographed.

Experience feelings

Getting started with ROS is difficult. For me, it is not as easy as the previous ASUS routers, but after the configuration is complete, it is indeed quite stable. It has been used for about one or two months, except for clearing the configuration during research, or I made a mistake and reconfigured, and there was basically no running problem.

Configuration process

1. Home network topology diagram

The single network cable from the weak current box to the living room made me sad for a long time. I guess many families have encountered this kind of problem because there are too few people who understand the weak current in the decoration. This running account will take everyone to solve this problem. Today’s article focuses on the configuration between ROS and the switch

2. ros configuration

  1. Open inbox, enter the router background, open bridge, change bridge1 to LAN-bridge, add IPTV-bridge, and the rest are default

2. Open the Interfaces-VLAN label, create a new LAN-VLAN and IPTV-VLAN, with IDs of 10 and 20, respectively. Interfaces select a single network cable multiplexing network port, I use ether5, but the default


3. Open the Bridge-ports tab and change the ether4 bridge to IPTV-bridge,

4. Bridge-ports label, increase port: IPTV-VLAN, the bridge is IPTV-bridge, increase port: LAN-VLAN, the bridge is LAN-bridge

5. After setting, kick ether5 out of LAN-bridge

3. GS116EV2 configuration

1. Enter the switch background, the switch is basically a visual operation, relatively easy to operate, open VLAN-802.1Q VLAN, advanced settings, and enable advanced 802.1Q VLAN. Increase VLAN-ID10 and 20.

2. Modify VLAN membership, select VLAN 10, change port 1-14 to U, 15 is blank, 16 is T, select VLAN 20, change port 15 to U, and 16 to T.


4. Modify the port PVID, 1-4 is 10, 15 is 20, 16 is the default.


After the above configuration, the IPTV and the LAN are isolated from each other and do not affect each other. After using it for a period of time, although the router I bought has a general configuration, it is particularly stable. It can run around 700 at 600M. By the way, China Telecom’s IPTV is really good, and Unicom’s difference is too much, but Unicom’s network speed is still relatively strong in the north, 600M is only 58 yuan a month, and there are 1,000 minutes of talk and 100G traffic.