Airtel announces 5G-ready network in Hyderabad

Bharti Airtel announced today that it has become the first telecommunications company in India to demonstrate and coordinate real-time 5G services via a commercial network in Hyderabad. Airtel has expanded the spectrum in its existing 1800 MHz frequency band through NSA (non-independent) network technology.

“Using groundbreaking dynamic spectrum sharing, Airtel runs 5G and 4G seamlessly in the same spectrum block at the same time. The demonstration focuses on verifying the Airtel network’s 5G readiness in all areas (radio, core, and transmission).” said.

According to the company, Airtel 5G can provide 10 times the speed, 10 times the latency, and 100 times the concurrency compared with existing technologies.

It added that, especially in Hyderabad, users were able to download a full movie on a 5G phone in a few seconds.

“The demonstration verifies the 5G readiness of Airtel’s network. In the future, it will prove Airtel’s network investment and make all its technology-neutral spectrum assets fully capable of providing 5G.” 

Gopal Vittal, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Bharti Airtel, said: “As Airtel becomes the first operator to demonstrate this capability, we once again demonstrate that we have been the first company in India to develop new technologies, with a view to helping India everywhere. Human empowerment.”

Vittal said: “We believe that India has the potential to become a global hub for 5G innovation. To achieve this goal, we need ecosystems to be integrated-application, device, and network innovation. We are very happy to do our own thing.”

The company said that if it gets permission from the authorities, Airtel customers can start to experience 5G within a few months, and India will have more than 20 commercial 5G smartphones available for Airtel 5G.

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