Synology Unified Controller UC3200 provide Active-active IP SAN for enterprise virtualization storage

The development of emerging technologies such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, AI, and blockchain has made the digital transformation of many companies at various business levels more and more in-depth. The process of corporate digital transformation is not only reflected in the level of corporate decision-making but has also penetrated And reshape the business process of the enterprise. In this revolution, “data” is the “soul”, and the deafening thesis that “the biggest resource in the future is not oil but data” has increasingly become the consensus of all sectors of society.

With the exponential growth of data, the problem of storage pressure on enterprises has become more and more prominent. As data is the lifeline of enterprises, secure backup and disaster recovery solutions are particularly important. For example, government agencies, banks, and other financial institutions have a large amount of customer data and personal privacy information. Once a server is down or a virus ransom occurs, the consequences will be disastrous; even in industries such as design, manufacturing, education, etc., if data loss occurs, it will be Caused incalculable losses, and the reality has long been a lesson learned. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a secondary protection mechanism for data and ensure the continuity of its own business operations, but it is not so easy to find enterprise-level products and solutions with a complete performance that suit you.

Synology, which focuses on providing data management solutions for enterprises, has released a dual-controller architecture server that can achieve high data availability and high reliability in a single server. One is an enterprise-class SAS series server, a dual-controller server that guarantees business continuity-SA3200D. The other is to provide high-availability iSCSI services for mission-critical environments. It has a dual-active IP SAN with a dual-active controller architecture-UC3200. It is customized for the pain points and difficulties of data management and backup disaster recovery for different enterprises to protect enterprises. Provide an integrated solution for efficient data management and continuous business operations.

In order to improve the high availability of the business environment, many companies will deploy storage servers with a dual-controller architecture, such as public institutions, the financial industry, and the manufacturing industry, so as not to stop the business completely when the hardware fails. Synology dual-control server SA3200D, built-in active and passive controllers, supports 12 SAS interface hard disk slots, not only can achieve single-point failover but also build enterprise cloud disks and backup all-in-one machines, especially for companies with limited purchasing budgets. No matter from the data applicable to the disaster recovery protection, the real integration is realized.

Active and passive dual control architecture to ensure business continuity

In response to the different requirements for business continuity of enterprises of different sizes, Synology provides three disaster recovery solutions. Small businesses use Synology High Availability (SHA) dual-system hot backup package to form two Synology storage servers into an active and passive high-availability cluster architecture. Larger enterprises can choose Synology dual-controller server SA3200D. Its dual-controller architecture is active and passive. It is connected through the built-in high-speed NTB to provide real-time data synchronization so that when one controller fails, the other can Take over in time to prevent business shutdown caused by a single point of failure, and is relatively suitable for deployment on an enterprise-scale of 500-1000 people (different deployment applications and terminal performance will affect the maximum number of simultaneous users) Combining dual controllers and shared storage in the same server also effectively saves physical space, and SA3200D is equipped with Synology DSM operating system, supporting Synology’s complete software functions, such as file server, backup all-in-one, etc.

SA3200D has built-in Synology high-availability services, which will actively monitor the network status and key file services of CIFS, iSCSI, AFP, FTP, NFS, and Synology Directory Server. Once the controller module or service is unavailable, the system will automatically failover within one minute to minimize system interruption and ensure service continuity. It is relatively more suitable for industries that have high requirements for business continuity, such as manufacturing and real estate companies. In the event of an unexpected hardware failure, the business can be restored to normal in a short time without causing large losses to the enterprise.

“Three-in-one” hardware design, flexible capacity expansion

All-in-one solutions to ensure business continuity usually require high performance, high reliability, and high scalability in hardware requirements. However, most of the integrated solutions are expensive, or the scalability is not flexible enough, and the cost is required to purchase storage capacity. The SA3200D can not only realize dual-control failover but also provide flexible online expansion, up to 36 hard drives. And to simplify IT deployment, the SA3200D dual-controller motherboard is equipped with an independent SATA-DOM storage medium, which can improve system performance and stability. Realize the “three-in-one” of high-performance, high-reliability, and high-expansion hardware equipment, helping companies effectively save costs.

SA3200D is compatible with 3.5/2.5 inch SAS HDD/SSD hard drives, each controller is equipped with Intel Xeon quad-core CPU, and the memory can be expanded up to 64GB. And each controller is equipped with a 10GbE network port and a PCIe 3.0 slot to support 10GbE/25GbE network cards.


File server and backup storage in one, saving deployment costs for enterprises

SA3200D is equipped with Synology DSM operating system, which can be used as a file server and install multiple applications. In the DSM operating system, two controllers can be centrally managed, and with the help of the monitoring function, notifications of important events can be sent in real-time to quickly provide IT personnel with response decisions and simplify operation steps.

At the same time, through the Synology Enterprise Cloud Disk solution, the corresponding account permissions can be set for different functional departments, and the work files of multiple computers can be synchronized to solve the problem of scattered files in the past. When you need to work online in a remote place, Synology Cloud Disk can not only transfer and share files in time but also allow multiple people to collaboratively edit the same document. It also supports the preservation of historical versions and restores accidentally deleted files to the specified version.

With the Synology backup all-in-one solution, you can back up computers, Windows servers, and virtual machines, and support different granular restores. The exemption of license fees also saves a lot of backup costs for enterprises. Take Dofluoro Chemicals Co., Ltd., as a manufacturing company, with many internal business systems, the overall backup cost in the past was too high. Deploying Synology backup all-in-one machine, backing up about 22 internal SAP core business systems, as well as external business systems. Chen Hui, section chief of the polyfluorene multi-operations and maintenance department, mentioned the feelings of using Synology, “After using Synology’s backup solution, it saves nearly 70% of the original costs. It is possible to create a remote disaster recovery backup solution.”

Synology Active Backup for the Business backup management interface

UC3200: dual-active IP SAN, designed for mission-critical

Nowadays, virtualization applications have become an important part of many enterprises’ IT environments. Enterprise virtualization applications such as the company’s internal OA system, customer relationship management system CRM or business process system ERP, company website servers can be seen everywhere. However, when equipment fails or an accident occurs, it is likely to directly affect business operations.

To this end, Synology has launched a dual-active IP SAN-UC3200, which is suitable for virtualized storage solutions, with a dual-active controller design. When one of the controllers fails, all operating services can be smoothly switched to the other controller. Supports flexible online expansion, up to 36 hard drives, provides more than 500TB of net storage space, and supports high-performance SAS interface hard drives.

Dual-active controller, simple and intuitive high-availability deployment

The UC3200 configures the active-active high-availability mode of the active-active controller. The active-active controllers are connected through the built-in high-speed NTB (non-transparent bridge), and the memory data is synchronized between the controllers in real-time for one control Prevent memory data loss when the device is not available.

Each controller of UC3200 is equipped with Intel Xeon quad-core CPU, and the memory can be expanded up to 64GB. It can provide more than 140,000 4K random write IOPS (see Synology official website for the test environment), compatible with 3.5/2.5 inch SAS HDD/SSD hard drives, and can be expanded up to 36 hard drives by connecting expansion devices. Provide high-performance uninterrupted iSCSI services for small and medium enterprises.

Single entry management, providing intuitive and reliable iSCSI service

In order to simplify IT deployment, the UC3200 dual-active controller motherboard is equipped with independent SATA-DOM storage media and a pre-installed DSM UC operating system, thereby improving system performance and stability. In addition, the two controllers can be centrally managed through a unified portal, and with the help of monitoring functions, notifications of important events can be sent in real-time to quickly provide IT personnel with response decisions and simplify operating procedures.

UC3200 is compatible with mainstream virtualization architectures and provides a stable iSCSI virtualization storage solution. It also supports VMware vSphere 6.5’s VAAI and Microsoft’s ODX storage hardware acceleration functions. And through the Synology iSCSI management application-iSCSI Manager, you can manage and monitor iSCSI services, while the operation interface is simple and intuitive, and it also improves the management efficiency of IT staff.

For companies with limited IT resources, choosing a cost-effective solution is particularly important. Choosing an active-active server must not only carry the data generated by the continuous growth of the business, but also provide a redundant architecture to greatly shorten the RTO time, and support a virtualized environment that runs mission-critical tasks. These have a higher hardware configuration and performance High demands. In the actual application case of Synology virtualized storage, the International Chinese Institute of Sun Yat-sen University used Windows servers before and encountered problems in expansion and stability. Through the Synology iSCSI technology architecture and integration with existing servers, the storage capacity of existing servers can be quickly expanded, saving Sun Yat-sen University the cost of expansion.

Built-in backup function to provide disaster protection for critical data

Hardware failures and program errors may cause enterprise services to be shut down. The UC3200, which carries critical tasks, needs further data protection to ensure that key services of the enterprise are not dropped. UC3200 supports the application of Synology Snapshot Replication, which can take instant snapshots of iSCSI LUNs and provide a second layer of data protection for data based on hardware. It also supports snapshot synchronization between physical hosts. In addition, Snapshot Replication can set the schedule of snapshots and retain up to 256 historical versions.

UC3200 supports up to 4,096 system snapshots for local storage space or remote servers and can provide application-aware snapshots for virtualized workloads running on VMware to ensure data consistency of virtual machines. In addition, for disaster recovery in virtualized environments, Synology also supports VMware Site Recovery Manager, which allows disaster recovery to be initiated directly through VMware vCenter Server, simplifying the recovery process. It is especially suitable for use on government platforms or banking systems to provide disaster protection for its critical data.

Synology Snapshot Replication snapshot and replication management interface

Data is the oil of the digital age, and efficient data management is the key to enterprise transformation and competitiveness enhancement. For a long time, Synology has solved the pain points in data management for enterprises. Whether it is a backup all-in-one machine or a snapshot application, the license fee is free, which effectively saves costs for small and medium-sized enterprises to purchase storage solutions. At the same time, providing a centralized data management platform and graphical operation interface also simplifies the IT management process. Synology dual-control server SA3200D and active-active IP SAN UC3200 provide new ideas for enterprises to solve the integration of data management and hardware-level disaster recovery.