QNAP launched the first 2.5GbE switch

QNAP launched the first 5-port 2.5GbE switch QSW-1105-5T in Shanghai, supporting up to 2.5Gbps network speed, plug-and-play, with network loop detection and blocking, and dynamic detection of network traffic. Users can easily build a 2.5GbE network environment for home or office.

Compared with high-end 10GbE switches, QSW-1105-5T switches provide a solution that takes both cost and performance into consideration. Users can continue to use the Category 5e network cables of the original environment to increase the LAN network speed to 2.5Gbps in the most economical and feasible way so that NAS and other devices with 2.5GbE or higher speed network interfaces in the LAN environment can make full use of Transmission rate.

It has a 5-port 2.5GbE Ethernet network port, supports automatic coordination function, can automatically detect high transmission speed according to different connected devices; built-in management mechanism can dynamically detect network traffic to ensure smooth transmission of network packets; also built-in network loop detection The mechanism can lock looped network ports in real-time, allowing the network environment to return to normal in a very short time. It adopts a fanless ultra-quiet design and uses multiple heat dissipation mechanisms to effectively remove heat during operation, which not only ensures that the living or working space is not disturbed by noise but also maintains high-speed network performance.