China Mobile Opened data center in Germany

Recently, China Mobile International’s German data center was officially opened.

As an international network exchange center and Internet data center, the center is committed to meeting the growing digital needs of enterprises, and will seamlessly connect with its data centers in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions, as well as their global networks and cloud services. Provide customers around the world with ultra-large bandwidth connection capabilities, ultra-large-scale cloud computing capabilities, and comprehensive one-stop digital service capabilities, further expanding China Mobile International’s global intelligent network infrastructure.

It is reported that the German data center of China Mobile International is located in Frankfurt, an important international financial city. It is built according to Tier III standards and has two independent cable inlets, dual-channel diversity, and high-standard 9-layer security control. The data center introduces two mains power supply, adopts a 2N transformer and uninterruptible power supply configuration, can provide 12 minutes of backup, and its cooling system is equipped with water storage, which can provide continuous cooling capacity.

Li Feng, chairman of China Mobile International, said in an interview that the company opened its second data center in Europe to provide safe, reliable, and high-speed connections, and to further strengthen the close ties between Asia and Europe. He pointed out that affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people’s demand for cloud and content delivery solutions is increasing. With a wide distribution of cable systems, data centers, and more than 80 cloud connection nodes, China Mobile International can provide global users with large-bandwidth connection capabilities and comprehensive one-stop services to build a new ecosystem for the digital economy industry and Contribute to the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative in communication-related fields.

It is worth mentioning that China Mobile International is actively building a comprehensive and three-dimensional communication network resource system in the areas along the “Belt and Road”, including the “Silk Road of Marine and Land Information” (transmission resources) and “Information Post on the Silk Road” (POP point). ) And the “Information Distribution Island on the Silk Road” (IDC), currently has more than 70 submarine and land cable resources worldwide, with a total transmission bandwidth of more than 78T, and a total of more than 170 PoP points.