Tencent Cloud Expands Global Presence in Latin America

Tencent Cloud, China’s second-largest cloud provider behind Alibaba, has opened its first Internet data center in Latin America.

The facility, located in So Paulo, Brazil’s financial center, expands Tencent’s global network of 27 cloud regions and 68 availability zones. The corporation is expanding throughout Latin America to address the region’s growing need for digital services.

Tencent also expects that its debut in Brazil will encourage South American and Chinese enterprises to collaborate more. The cloud provider intends to focus on banking, social networking, and gaming companies.

The facility has an Uptime Tier-III design and is connected to the So Paulo exchange through fiber optics. Tencent intends to provide Brazil with flexible cloud services for computing, storage, big data, artificial intelligence, security, and other purposes using its infrastructure.

Brazil is a dynamic and exciting market, with an increasing number of high-growth digital enterprises vying for a consistent and dependable digital experience for clients and consumers in Latin America and beyond, “Poshu Yeung, Tencent Cloud International’s senior vice president, stated. This announcement, as well as our market intentions, thrill us much.”

As firms like AWS, Microsoft, and Alibaba continue to grow their footprints in the region, Latin America has become a hotspot of competition among major cloud providers.

In South America, Huawei is a step ahead of its Chinese competitors, with nine availability zones. Argentina has one, whereas Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Mexico each have two.

While Tencent’s overseas expansion has quickened in recent years, most of its cloud centers remain in China. In June, the internet behemoth opened new data centers in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Frankfurt.