OPTCORE 10G CWDM SFP+ Transceiver Solution Guide

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10G CWDM SFP+ Transceivers Introduction

Are you looking for the best 10G CWDM SFP+ transceivers? OPTCORE CWDM SFP+ transceivers provide scalable and easy-to-deploy 10 Gigabit Ethernet solutions for enterprise companies and service providers.

The solution lets network operators build high-availability, multi-service networks that can send data over 18 wavelengths over long distances. This coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM SFP+) solution is excellent for 10 Gigabit Ethernet in campus, data center, and metro access networks. It is a cost-effective solution that saves fiber resources and exponentially increases transmission bandwidth.

10G CWDM SFP+ Transceivers Key Features

By using coarse wavelength division multiplexing, OPTCORE 10G CWDM SFP+ transceiver solutions can send up to 18 wavelengths on a single fiber at the same time. It lets businesses and service providers increase the capacity of their existing 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical infrastructure without installing new fiber strands.

CWDM SFP+ transceiver solutions can drastically reduce network equipment inventory. They also enable network upgrades by providing interchangeable fiber connectors that swiftly adapt and modify any current network, safeguarding your investment and optimizing the benefits.

Overall, the cost of a 10G CWDM SFP+ transceiver is lower than DWDM SFP+, making it more widely used.

10G CWDM SFP+ Transceivers Specifications

CWDM SFP+ Transceivers Featured Applications

The 10G CWDM SFP+ transceiver can be used in a variety of complex network environments, such as the core bureau, where different services are sent between different branches, and the convergence and client access network construction, where different services are sent between different branches. It gives 10G fiber connections a high-performance, long-distance, high-capacity, cost-effective optical transmission solution with a large capacity and a long distance.

CWDM SFP+ Transceivers Platform Support

Switches, routers, network cards, and optical transport devices from well-known brands all work with OPTCORE 10G CWDM SFP+ transceivers.

Why OPTCORE 10G CWDM SFP+ Transceivers?

  • We have been professionals in optical transceivers for more than ten years.
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  • Extended Three-year warranty, longer than most manufacturers
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  • One-stop CWDM optics solution to save your total cost

Ordering Information

There are a lot of CWDM SFP+ optics on the market, but when you group them by rate, wavelength, distance, and compatibility, the variety is limited. The main parameters are close estimates.

But because core performance varies from vendor to vendor, choosing a 10G CWDM SFP+ transceiver supplier with high performance, broad compatibility, and a low price is difficult. Read more relevant product reviews and determine the right price before buying.

OPTCORE, a leading 10G CWDM SFP+ supplier, offers a comprehensive range of 10G CWDM SFP+ solutions. All CWDM SFP+ optical modules have a three-year warranty and are compatible with many major brands. Order CWDM SFP+ on our online store quickly or contact us for further information.