Do you know the difference between telephone line and network cable?

The telephone line and the network cable seem to be a look. So what is the difference between the phone line and the network cable? Is it just different? Now let us analyze them.

Network cable:

The network cable is essential for connecting to the LAN. The common network cables in the LAN are mainly twisted pair, coaxial cable, and optical cable. Twisted pair is a data transmission line composed of many pairs of wires. It is characterized by its low price, so it is widely used, such as our common telephone line. It is used to connect to the RJ45 crystal head. It is divided into STP and UTP. We usually use UTP.

telephone line:

The telephone line is the incoming line of the telephone, which is connected to the telephone to make a call. Divided into 2 cores and 4 cores. The conductor material is divided into copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum and all copper. The whole copper conductor has the best effect.

First, the network cable can be used as a telephone line

In addition to being used for Internet access, you may not know that the telephone line only needs 2 cores, so the network cable can be used as a telephone line.

Second, the telephone line can be used as a network cable

The general telephone line is 2-core and can only be used as a telephone line. In some cases, the telephone line is 4-core. For example, the telephone line of the service desk is 4 cores. This telephone line can be used as a network cable.

Third, the telephone line and the network line transmit signals in different ways

Telephone lines are generally used to transmit analog signals. Because of the low frequency, network cables are generally used to transmit digital signals because of the higher frequency.

Fourth, the telephone line and network cable network effect is different

Using the telephone line, the network speed is up to 2M. In addition, the signal loss of the telephone line mode is also large, especially if the telephone line has more adapters or damaged leather lines, the network speed will generally drop too fast.

Using the network cable to connect, it is “door to door”, there is no such restriction. The signal loss of the network cable is small, which also ensures a relatively stable rate, so it does reflect better network speed performance. Therefore, on the issue of networking, the telephone line has an absolute disadvantage.