“4G” era is coming out, “5G” era is coming

The fifth generation of communication technology (5G) is really coming. This is no longer a legend, but a clear timetable. In the Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWCS), the industry’s largest and most influential World Mobile Conference, which has just ended in Shanghai, China Mobile has revealed a specific timetable for 5G and achieved commercial scale in 2020.

At present, the entire communication industry, including mobile operators, terminal manufacturers, equipment suppliers, software companies and Internet companies, are conducting various test applications around the 5G theme. Many foreseeable 5G futures are coming to us. The organizer of the Global System for Mobile Communications Systems (GSMA Association) expects that China will become one of the focuses of the future 5G.

5G communication is coming

It is on the cusp of 5G. The theme of this MWCS 2017 conference is “’potential’ is man-made”. Obviously, on the eve of 5G, everyone can make a big step forward by pushing 5G forward.

According to the report of the GSMA Association, Asia will be the key area of 5G, especially China. Forecasts show that China will become the world’s largest 5G market in 2025, accounting for 39% of the global 5G market share.

5G has a timetable – 2020 commercial scale

China Mobile Chairman Shang Bing said that China Mobile is accelerating the development of 5G. This year, it will conduct field trials in five cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. It will start scale trials in 2018, pre-commercial in 2019, and commercial scale in 2020. This is the official 5G official timetable officially confirmed. At present, China Mobile has built 1.62 million 4G base stations, achieving full coverage of townships and towns across the country, covering a population of more than 1.3 billion, and 4G users reaching 583 million. Once the future is upgraded to 5G, the above scale will continue to increase.

Internationally, 2017-2018 is a key stage in the development and testing of 5G standards, and the Communications Standards Association 3GPP will introduce the first 5G standard version. During the MWCS 2017 period, ZTE and China Mobile conducted a live broadcast of the Guangdong 5G field trial network, demonstrating the ultimate experience brought by the 5G scene. ZTE’s related technical experts said that 5G deployment is not as difficult as it is, and the construction of 5G and 4G co-sites is completely feasible.

5G is not only fast speed – Gigabit network

From 2G to 3G to today’s 4G, the speed of the Internet is an intuitive experience for many people. 5G does have a fast network speed and is defined at the gigabit network level. In the live broadcast demonstration of ZTE and China Mobile, the peak throughput of single users reached more than 2Gbps. Currently, 20 operators around the world are deploying Gigabit LTE, which is the first step towards the 5G enhanced mobile broadband experience. ZTE’s Gigabit mobile phone can download at up to 1 Gbps, and a 720P movie can be downloaded in just tens of seconds.

In fact, the speed of the Internet is only the first step. What is more important is the formation of a massive Internet of Things to achieve the realm of “Internet of Everything”. The future development of 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies will accelerate the society into a new era of the Internet of Everything, showing the three characteristics of connection ubiquity, perceptual ubiquity, and intelligent ubiquity. As a result, it can revolutionize the applications of augmented reality (AR), entertainment, cloud storage, instant messaging, and medical, financial services, agriculture, transportation, and utilities.

“Great connection, new future”, this is people’s vision for the future 5G. During this period, China Mobile announced the establishment of the China Mobile Internet of Things Alliance and demonstrated eight industry solutions including government affairs, finance, rural business, Internet, education, medical care, transportation, and industrial energy. China Mobile Chairman Shang Bing said that China Mobile will accelerate the horizontal expansion of connection scale, the vertical extension of connection services and the comprehensive breakthrough of connection applications through the “big connection” strategy.