Daily operation specifications for IDC cabinet wiring

Cabinet wiring is a very important job in the entire network cabling project. It is completely different from loading clothes. It can’t be said that it is wired according to personal preference. It has its own rules. If it is wrongly installed, it will not be able to complete the work normally, and it will seriously affect the quality of the whole project. Let’s share with you the daily operation specifications of the IDC cabinet wiring:

1. Power cord plug and server power connector

2. If a cabinet has internal and external network switches, try to distinguish between two different color network cables.

3. The wiring between the cabinet and the cabinet should be routed from the top of the cabinet.

4. Connect the server and the end of the network cable at both ends of the switch to mark the same numbered cable tie label, which is the same as the switch port number.

5. The power cable and the network cable are routed on both sides of the cabinet. Each segment should be tied with a cable tie.

6. The cabinet server can’t be stacked too much together, it should be separated by the baffle to help maintain the heat dissipation stability of the server.

7. The switch should be fixed at the top of the cabinet with matching ears to help the network cable to move.

Eight. Stick each server IP or label according to the application

9. Stick the asset number of each server, and print out the asset number + barcode together with the label printer. After verifying the IDC room to verify the assets, it can be scanned by the barcode scanner. Each device prints two identical ones, one on the front of the device, and one on the side of the device. Since the number is unique, the prevention asset number is lost.

10. The core switch is connected to the two ends of the network cable of the Layer 2 switch or the fiber is attached with the cable tie label. Write which port number is connected to which port number, such as con-to-6-3-C3560- 7

XI. Try not to paste the IP address in the server, such as paste the application label, this is more secure, some hoster equipment can only be posted up, switch and firewall do not paste the IP address, write on the internal and external network, such as Outside and inside

12. Check whether the air conditioning air damper gate is open under the cabinet to avoid overheating of the equipment.

13. When reinstalling a device system, do not connect the monitor power supply to the socket connection to the server. Each cabinet has a socket that is specially connected to the display or an external plug, so as to prevent the display power interface from being in poor contact or Improper use causes the entire strip to be powered down.

14. When the resources are reorganized daily, the network cable or the power cable will inadvertently cause the device to go down. Therefore, when the process is closed or the cabinet is closed, it is necessary to observe whether the ports of the switch are all on.