Do you know the classification and application of fiber attenuators?

In the process of optical signal transmission, if the optical power is too large, the optical receiver will be overloaded and the signal will be distorted. How should we solve this problem? In fact, we can use fiber attenuators to reduce optical power. The optical fiber attenuator is an optical passive device, which can use various technologies to debug optical power and reduce optical signal energy, thereby adjusting the optical power to a required level, and is an optical device commonly used in optical fiber communication systems. Let’s take a look at its classification and application.

Fiber attenuators are classified into the following four types according to different interfaces.

1. SC fiber attenuator: applied to SC fiber interface, similar to the RJ-45 interface, but the SC interface is flat, and the inside contact is a copper column;

2, LC fiber attenuator: applied to LC fiber interface, can be used to connect the SFP module, modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism, easy to operate, often used in routers;

3, FC fiber attenuator: applied to the FC fiber interface, the jacket is wrapped with a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is a turnbuckle. Generally used on the ODF side, mostly used for patch panels;

4, ST fiber attenuator: applied to ST fiber interface, commonly used in fiber distribution frame, the shell is round, with screw fastening, often used for fiber distribution frame.

In addition to the interface type, the fiber attenuator can be subdivided into online, fixed and yin and yang, the specific differences are as follows:

1. Online fiber attenuator

The in-line fiber optic attenuator is an optical communication device that can adjust the amount of attenuation according to its own needs. Its small size, light weight, high attenuation accuracy, wide range and strong stability, adjustable range is 1~60db. The port can be connected to ST, FC, SC, and LC connectors, and is mainly used in fiber-optic communication networks, fiber-optic data networks, fiber-optic CATV networks, and fiber-optic test systems.

2. Fixed fiber attenuator

The fixed fiber attenuator has a fixed attenuation value, and its shape is similar to that of an adapter. It is easy to install and use. It is mainly used by flange connection. Jumpers for FC, SC, ST and LC connectors can be used. They are mainly used in telecommunication networks, fiber test equipment, local area networks (LAN) and CATV systems.

3. Female-Male type fiber attenuator

The Yin-Yang optical fiber attenuator is a male-female device, which has the advantages of light weight, high precision, various forms, convenient use, small size and light-resistant power source. Supports a variety of connector methods such as LC, SC, FC and ST. The attenuation value ranges from 1-30db. Mainly used in optical distribution frame, optical network system, high-speed fiber transmission system, cable television (CATV) system, long-distance trunk dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) system, optical add/drop multiplexer (OADM).

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