Huawei CloudEngine 16800 tell you what the AI ERA switches look like

At the Spring Network New Product Launch Conference of “Network New Engine AI Wins the Future”, Huawei released the industry’s first data center switch CloudEngine 16800 for the AI era, defining AI era data. The three characteristics of the central switch, innovative introduction of AI technology, Pratt & Whitney AI to help customers accelerate intelligent transformation.

Huawei’s GIV (Global Industry Vision) 2025 predicts that the adoption rate of AI will reach 86% in 2025 from 16% in 2015. AI is a key driver for companies to reshape their business models, help decision-making and enhance customer experience. Hu Kewen, president of Huawei’s network product line, said: “The intelligent world of the Internet of Everything is accelerating, and data centers are becoming the core of new infrastructures such as 5G and artificial intelligence. Huawei is the first to introduce AI technology into data center switches, leading the data center network from the cloud. The era has entered the AI era.”

With the advent of the AI era, AI computing power is affected by the performance of data center networks and is becoming a key bottleneck in the AI commercial process. One-thousandth of the packet loss rate of traditional Ethernet will cause the AI computing power of the data center to play only. 50%; at the same time, it is expected that the global annual new data volume will increase from 10ZB in 2018 to 180ZB in 2025 (that is, 180 billion TB). The existing 100GE-based data center network can no longer support the challenge of digital flood; With the increase of the size of data center servers and the integration of computing networks, storage networks and data networks, traditional manual operation and maintenance methods have become unsustainable, and it is urgent to introduce innovative technologies to enhance the capability of intelligent operation and maintenance.

Hu Kewen said, “Data center switches in the AI era have three major characteristics: embedded AI chips, single-slot 48 x 400GE, and the ability to evolve into an automated driving network.”

The industry’s first embedded AI chip data center switch, 100% AI computing power

The CloudEngine 16800 is the industry’s first data center switch with high-performance AI chips. It carries the original lossless intelligent lossless switching algorithm to achieve adaptive self-optimization of traffic models, resulting in lower latency and higher throughput on a zero-loss basis. The network performance, overcoming the loss of computing power caused by traditional Ethernet packet loss, increased the AI computing power from 50% to 100%, and the data storage IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) performance increased by 30%.

Industry’s highest density single-slot 48 x 400GE, meeting the AI era’s 5 times traffic growth demand

The CloudEngine 16800 has comprehensively upgraded the hardware switching platform. Based on the orthogonal architecture, it breaks through many technical problems such as ultra-high-speed signal transmission, super heat dissipation, and high-efficiency power supply, enabling the single-slot to provide the industry’s highest density 48-port 400GE line card. Providing the industry’s largest 768-port 400GE switching capacity, the switching capacity is up to five times the industry average, meeting the AI multi-generation traffic multiplication requirements. At the same time, single-bit power consumption is reduced by 50%, which is more green and energy efficient.

Enable automatic driving network, second-level fault identification, minute-level fault automatic positioning

Based on the built-in AI chip, the CloudEngine 16800 can greatly improve the “network edge” or device-level intelligence level, enabling the switch to have local reasoning and real-time fast decision-making capabilities. It can be distributed through local intelligence combined with the centralized FabricInsight network analyzer. The AI operation and maintenance architecture can realize the second-level fault identification and the automatic positioning of the minute-level faults, enabling the automatic driving network to accelerate. At the same time, the architecture can greatly enhance the flexibility and deployability of the operation and maintenance system.

Wang Lei, general manager of Huawei’s data center network, said, “Huawei CloudEngine series data center switches have been successfully commercialized by more than 6,000 customers worldwide, helping customers in the financial, Internet, and carrier industries to transform digitally. Huawei’s CloudEngine 16800 for AI era The data center switch will help customers accelerate the intelligent transformation, realize the Pratt & Whitney AI, and jointly build the intelligent world of the Internet of Everything.”

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