H3C WAS6100 Switch Evaluation

As the saying goes, “Good horses are equipped with good saddles, good boats are equipped with good sails.” Matching is the door technology, and it is also true for enterprise networking. Nowadays, the network has become the main artery of the enterprise business. The speed of network speed directly affects the company’s office efficiency, and network security issues have become the company’s biggest threat. Subject to cost and scale, SME networking has become a difficult problem.

“Good network needs to be equipped with equipment”, H3C launched a two-layer Gigabit Ethernet cloud management POE switch for the commercial scenario, H3C WAS6100, for high performance, high port density, and minimalism. An intelligent cloud-managed POE switch designed for the network environment.

This series of switches provides WAS6124-PWR, WAS6124-HPWR, WAS6148-PWR three models, the main difference is the size of the fuselage, the number of ports, packet forwarding rate and power consumption of the whole machine (see the parameter diagram at the end of the article).

The device that participated in the evaluation is the H3C WAS6124-HPWR switch. As an intelligent cloud management POE switching product, its easy-to-use configuration page reduces network deployment, management, and downtime, and the full Gigabit interface provides high-speed data exchange. The guarantee.

H3C WAS6100 switch appearance appreciation

When I got this device, I felt a little bigger (WDH: 440 × 260 × 43.6mm), the compact metal body, the weight is slightly heavy, and the one-handed hand is even a little hard, it can be said that the workmanship is sufficient. The exterior design retains the classic style, matte black with a vintage silver base, which is full of deep immersion.

  ▲H3C WAS6124-HPWR switch front fuselage

It is not difficult to find that the H3C WAS6124-HPWR has a very dense port arrangement. It has 24 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+ electrical ports, four 1000BASE-X SFP ports, and one terminal-based console (console). There are 28 correspondings LED indicators on the side, which allows network administrators to keep track of the working status of the switch and network running status.

It is worth noting that the data transmission and power supply distance of the corresponding port of the H3C WAS6124-HPWR switch can be up to 200 meters. Thereby solving the problem that the enterprise user transmits the network to the long distance.

  ▲H3C WAS6124-HPWR switch side body diagram (1)

  ▲H3C WAS6124-HPWR switch side body diagram (2)

A wide heat dissipation space is provided on the front and side of the product, and the evenly distributed heat dissipation holes are matched with the fan to ensure stable operation of the device for a long time. Throughout the test, the acoustic noise performance of the H3C WAS6124-HPWR switch was moderate and the body temperature was very mild.

  ▲H3C WAS6124-HPWR switch back body diagram

The design of the product side and back is relatively simple, only the anti-counterfeiting mark, landing information, product serial number, and network access permit.

H3C WAS6100 Switch Product Features

For small and medium-sized enterprise users, the H3C WAS6100 provides Gigabit port access capability, with a total switching capacity of 337Gbps and a packet forwarding rate of 66Mpps/108Mpps, ensuring non-blocking forwarding. It also features multiple reliability protection at the device level and link level, and virtual chassis stacking technology (IRF2) increases the availability of the entire network.

PoE switches are widely used in the security field, especially for video surveillance systems. The H3C WAS6100 supports PoE+ and provides 30W of output power per port. It provides Ethernet power supply capability for 802.11ac wireless access points, visual IP phones, high-power surveillance cameras, and more terminal devices.

The enterprise security problem cannot be underestimated. The H3C WAS6100 adopts the single-port multi-authentication (Portal authentication, 802.1X port authentication, MAC address authentication, TRUNK port authentication, etc.) deployment model, and provides ARP defense functions and EAD (terminal admission control) functions. In order to avoid corporate security threats and protect network access security.

The H3C WAS6100 provides comprehensive QoS functions, supports link-layer to application-layer flow classification, and has a flexible queue scheduling algorithm that can be set based on ports and queues at the same time. It also monitors packets on specified ports and ports. The packets on it are copied to the monitoring port for network detection and troubleshooting.

H3C WAS6100 switch cloud management

The switch network was once a nightmare for networkers, and the minimal start has always been their urgent need. In this regard, the H3C WAS6100 series switches support automatic deployment, without any configuration, the device only needs to access the network, which can automatically form a network with other Beckham products.

It is worth noting that the Oasis platform can provide a typical scene configuration template for the Beckham products such as the H3C WAS6100. You can create a site configuration template such as a hotel or office as needed, and deliver it in one click, eliminating the need for IT staff to go to the site and save manpower. cost. In the browser, enter https://oasis.h3c.com/ to register the Oasis platform with your email or mobile phone number (the existing account can be directly logged in).

  ▲H3C Oasis Platform Login Page

After the login is successful, enter the main page of the Oasis platform and add the location and equipment according to the prompts. Then on the device page, you can view the online status of the device, and the green circle indicates that the device has established a connection with the Oasis platform.

  ▲H3C Oasis Platform Equipment Page

Open the Oasis platform, click the “Monitor” – “Switch” button in the left navigation bar, the corresponding software upgrade page is displayed on the right, select the latest software version, save the configuration and restart.

  ▲H3C Oasis Platform Software Upgrade Page

On the main page of the Oasis platform, an overview of the network status is displayed. We can clearly see the location and the basic information and operation information of the corresponding device and can modify the name, delete, restart or reset the connection.

  ▲H3C Oasis platform equipment basic information

The Oasis platform provides comprehensive monitoring and configuration capabilities for the switch, enabling remote monitoring and configuration of the network anytime, anywhere. It includes data such as device operation logs, online and offline records, CPU memory trends, and rate monitoring. In addition, the Oasis platform also supports reviewing historical data to help users troubleshoot historical network issues and analyze the current business.

  ▲H3C Oasis Platform Monitoring Page

The Oasis platform provides multiple configurations for the H3C WAS6100 series switches. It has graphical common configurations, command fragment templates, and can be configured via remote web management or remote console. In the basic configuration of the switch, the Oasis platform provides management functions such as interface, VLAN, link aggregation, port isolation, and PoE.

  ▲H3C Oasis Platform Configuration Page

We know that timely and effective alert notifications are critical to operations and maintenance. The Oasis platform provides hierarchical alarm notifications, which can push different alarms to different personnel according to different levels of alarm events, and support enterprise hierarchical management. At the same time, the Oasis platform also provides SMS logging, operation logs and system notifications.

  ▲H3C Oasis Platform Alarm Page

It is worth noting that users can receive device alarms and system notifications at any time through the Oasis Wizard, WeChat public account or SMS, view all device status, and operation logs, and perform Bluetooth deployment, device management, wireless configuration, terminal monitoring, and network diagnosis. , certification testing and other operations.

  ▲H3C Oasis Wizard Device Page

H3C WAS6100 Switch Evaluation Summary

As a new generation of full-gigabit intelligent cloud PoE switches, the H3C WAS6100 provides advanced cloud operation and cloud management modes, rich service performance and enhancements for enterprise customers’ various application scenarios with its unique switching technology and oasis platform. Advanced technologies such as Power over Ethernet, complete security and QoS control strategies, and high reliability and environmental protection.

In general, the H3C WAS6100 series switches have left a deep impression on us both in appearance and in performance. It can meet the needs of SMEs’ multi-service Ethernet bearer and access, and help enterprise users build a secure, simple, intelligent and reliable IT network, which is the best choice for many enterprises and industry users.

  ▲H3C WAS6124-HPWR product parameters

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