Digital Smart Campus – Wireless Coverage of Jilin University Dormitory

Mobile Internet to improve campus digitalization

The rapid development of smart terminals such as tablets, smartphones, and e-books, and the arrival of the mobile Internet era, the students’ campus life is no longer tedious. The increasing popularity and large-scale application of wireless networks provide a variety of multimedia applications for college users, greatly improving the level of campus information, and improving the communication and collaboration between teachers and students, making teaching and research more intelligent. Convenient. This time UBNT provided high-speed Wi-Fi coverage for a university dormitory in Jilin.

Dormitory wireless network is difficult

School dormitory is a densely populated area, which not only needs to ensure sufficient coverage of signals, but also to meet the reasonable allocation of bandwidth brought by mobility and frequent alternation, avoiding the security and data risks brought by a large number of mobile terminals, and ensuring that students learn online and entertain. Compatible on a variety of devices. School dormitories are concentrated in one place, with multiple dormitories side by side or together, which facilitates wireless coverage, at least not as complex as outdoor public spaces.

Dormitory wireless network needs analysis

Wireless coverage : Wi-Fi in the dormitory is fully covered with no dead ends. 
High performance: Wired and wireless networks are smooth and stable. 
Manageable: It is convenient for unified management and unified configuration. It can view the running status of each AP and the number of user access in real time. 
Security: The network must have good security measures and password protection technology. Flexible and convenient permission setting and control mechanism enable the system to have various effective means to prevent various forms of illegal intrusion and internal attacks on the network to ensure the network. Physical security, network security, system security and information security ensure the safety of students online. 
Scalability: In the case of continuous development of the network scale, the wireless network should meet the requirements of smoothing the upgrade and expansion without changing the main structure and most of the equipment, reducing the hardware investment of the original network, and ensuring the extended system availability. And stability. 
Technical guarantee : complete pre-sales guidance and after-sales technical support.




Installation rendering


  • The wifi coverage project of this dormitory has UAP-AC-LITE and UBNT US-48-500W POE switches. In the early stage, 559 APs need to be managed, and the client is estimated to be around 2,500.
  • An UniFi high-performance router is used as the primary gateway to connect to the school backbone network.
  • UniFi 16 XG 10 Gigabit switches are used for aggregation and then distributed to each floor through fiber optics. Each UniFi 48-port PoE switch (model: US-48-500W) is used to connect the APs and centrally supply power.
  • In wireless coverage, the AP is installed on the ceiling of the indoor ceiling and covers one room on each side, that is, one AP is shared by every three rooms. The AP model uses UBNT’s lowest cost dual-band 11ac solution – UAP-AC- LITE uses UniFi XG Server to replace traditional AC controllers for centralized configuration and monitoring of all APs.
The dormitory is a high-density WiFi coverage area. Therefore, when the wireless AP is selected, we adopt the UBNT brand to carry more terminal equipment and high-performance models to ensure that the two surrounding rooms except the middle are covered. About three rooms, one AP coverage area, precise AP point, and unified SSID, so that Wi-Fi signal is fully covered, no blind zone.
As we all know, students have high requirements for the stability of the network when they are in the dormitory. After the WiFi is built in the dormitory, the test results of the engineers show that the WiFi signal is strong and the coverage area is wide. Downloading and uploading in any corner of the dormitory is very fast!

Dormitory Wi-Fi coverage

The successful construction of Wi-Fi coverage in the dormitory not only provides a complete Wi-Fi coverage solution for the school dormitory, but also covers the coverage system used by hundreds of people for Wi-Fi at the same time, and provides the project with strong load and high signal quality. Web environment. The students are no longer troubled in the process of learning, satisfying the students’ learning plan, and satisfying the school’s teaching plan, laying a foundation for the school’s information construction.
Through this Wi-Fi coverage of the dormitory, the problem of students accessing the Internet in the dormitory is largely solved, which not only satisfies the demand for students to watch videos on a daily basis but also allows them to learn more. Convenient, this will facilitate the study and life of the students during their school days.
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