How to choose a data center manager

For the data center, the key to getting customers to favor and retaining them is to hire the right data center manager.

For data centers, the key to getting customers to customers and retaining them is to hire the right data center manager, so you need to have a thorough interview with each management team candidate, which is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you may miss one of the most suitable people.

In addition, if you have two or three candidates with extensive experience, you will greatly increase your chances of choosing the most suitable data center manager. After all, this position is a direct customer-facing position. The experience can help them communicate better with their customers.

When hiring data center managers, the skills required for candidates can be divided into seven areas. Here are some things to consider when hiring a data center manager.

  • Organizational skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Hard work and hard work
  • Communication and customer skills
  • Leadership experience
  • Professional and maturity
  • Work experience

Organizational ability

As the saying goes, a person without organizational skills often brings a crisis. If you can’t coordinate the collaboration between departments in the data center, the chances of an accident will increase. So a data center manager with good organizational skills will greatly reduce the chance of accidents caused by human error.


A data center manager with a positive working attitude will work hard to find ways to improve data center efficiency and staff capabilities, which is a good thing for your entire data center. Conversely, a negative data center manager will only react under work pressure, which can lead to customer downtime events that could have been avoided.

Hard work

A data center manager needs to be involved in a specific job. Even if it is not always on the scene, what should happen is well-known. This is a job literacy that data center managers should have. Because customers may communicate with them by phone or email at any time, either during the day or at night. If you are a data center manager who can’t work hard, he may miss a lot of customer calls and have some unnecessary troubles.

Communication and service skills with customers

If the data center manager can communicate well with existing or potential customers, it will be able to ensure efficient operation of the work, otherwise, it will be a damage to the company’s image. If the customer does not communicate well, the information passed by the error may even cause the customer to have a downtime.

Leadership experience

Data center managers are more than just a high-ranking manager. They should be aware of the importance of leading by example. A good data center manager should be able to work hard to be aware of their responsibilities, which can motivate employees and let other staff understand the rules and processes of the data center to ensure efficient operation of the entire data center.

Professionalism and maturity

Data center managers must be professional and confident in their performance at the time of their work. A successful data center manager needs to understand not only his employees but also the infrastructure that employees manage. Managers in multi-tenant data centers need to treat each customer seriously and be able to handle emergencies that may arise at any time, including customers and employees.

Work experience

Data center managers should have the experience of working closely with customers to address the growing focus of customers on data centers. Valuable experience for data center managers should include successful management and motivational experience; technical and personal experience in data center security. According to the records, a data center manager with good communication skills can do his job well, handle the daily relationship with the customer and solve the problems encountered by the staff. In short, with data center managers selected, your data center operations are more than half successful.