Tips you must know for integrated wiring

In fact, the integrated wiring is not an incomprehensible project. As long as you understand its principle, a lot of comparison of product performance will certainly make a system that is cheap and good.

  1. the integrated wiring system must be designed in advance, and cooperate with civil engineering, fire protection, air conditioning, lighting and other installation projects to avoid unnecessary construction conflicts.
  2. under conditions permitting, it should go its own weak weak wells, reducing the chance of electromagnetic interference, wiring between floors and the main engine room should try to arrange too large a number to prepare for the development and maintenance required. For the network, the laying of the physical layer is crucial because it is the foundation.
  3. as much cloth some point using two-hole panel (a voice, a data ), with electricity with the good, the information point near the cloth supply point. Since the integrated wiring is generally a one-time project, the wiring is good, and it is relatively difficult to change the wiring, and the communication equipment is more and more developed, so it is more secure.
  4. do not make the integrated wiring too ideal, do not integrate some of the more specialized networks into the integrated wiring. It is enough to integrate the telephone network, computer network and building automation network into the integrated wiring.
  5. With the rapid development of network equipment, it should be as wide as possible when selecting the scheme. The level should be five or more, to ensure that the data and voice can be interchanged, and the optical fiber is used to increase the logarithmic cable vertically. Buildings should use fiber optics for data backup instead of cables
  6. due to the continuous downward adjustment of the price of optical products, the wiring between large openings should be considered to have more light spots, which is beneficial to network construction.
  7. When laying the DG pipe, it is necessary to use a larger diameter, and leave a margin. Pay special attention when laying cable turning radius, turning radius is too small will cause serious loss link, double-check every one cable, special joint panel light boxes, and some panel box deep enough, after a spot check, the panel did not install When the box is on, it is not good. After the installation, the test is not good. The reason is that the corner radius of the cable is too small after installation, causing serious loss.
  8. with the price reduction of optical welding equipment, for the place where conditions are available, you can consider abandoning the traditional ST and SC head manufacturing methods and using the method of welding the pigtail and fiber to ensure the optical path quality.
  9. do not unilaterally pursue the brand of wiring products. In the past few years, in fact, some non-shielded cables, optical cables, modules and other network equipment produced by some domestic manufacturers have reached the industry standard, and the price has a big advantage, so Consider using our own products.

The above tips are the problems that are often encountered in engineering. In fact, cabling project is not difficult to understand, as long as know how it works, lots of contrast performance we will be able to make low cost of the US system.