D-Link brings industrial switches for harsh environments

D-Link has launched two new switches, the DIS-100E-5W and DIS-100E-8W. They have five or eight Ethernet ports. The manufacturer advertises with robust design and the extended cold as well as heat resistance.

D-Link has introduced two new industrial switches. They have the designations DIS-100E-5W and DIS-100E-8W and offer five or eight 10 / 100Base-T Ethernet connections.

According to the message, the devices are designed for harsh industrial environments. The switches could work from -40 to 75 degrees Celsius. Cold starts are possible from -40 degrees Celsius. They also had several certifications that proved their resilience. So they met standards for vibration, shock and fall resistance.

The design of the switches is fanless, moving parts are not installed. The model DIS-100E-5W was just under three, the model DIS-100E-8W just under four inches high. The devices are available as of mid-August in Switzerland via D-Link partners.

Original Article Source from:https://www.netzwoche.ch