Fujitsu presents two new workstations

Two new workstations complete Fujitsu’s portfolio. The Celsius M770 and Celsius R970 are designed for graphics and memory intensive applications.

Fujitsu has introduced two new workstations: The Celsius M770 and Celsius R970 versions are intended to supplement the portfolio of the Japanese manufacturer. Nvidia’s new Quadro graphics cards are slumbering in both devices. So they are well equipped for graphics-intensive tasks and virtual reality. Both workstations support IoT-specific data analysis, as Fujitsu announces.

M770 in a new guise

The Celsius M770 appeared with a completely redesigned motherboard and a new design. Although the workstation is designed as a desktop product, it can also be mounted in a rack and requires 4 U of space there. The Airflow design from Fujitsu allows for intelligent and quiet cooling.

The M770 has four cold-plug bays that can be equipped with 2.5, 3.5 or solid-state disks. The front makes numerous I / O interfaces accessible, about twice a USB Type-C, and an SD 4.0 card reader.

R970 for high-performance requirements

The dual-processor desktop workstation Celsius R970 underwent a revision by Fujitsu. Windows 10 is installed on the new device. Two ultra-high-end graphics cards and three high-end 3D graphics cards are built into the device. The R970 is optimized for memory-intensive multi-threading applications and high-performance computing.

Both devices are already pre-orderable. The Celsius R970 will be delivered from November, the Celsius M770 from December, it says in the message. Retail prices for the Celsius M770 should start at 2,000 euros. Swiss prices are not known yet.