Building a low-cost cloud environment by introducing 10GBASE-T

10GBASE-T available in standard data centers is suitable for a variety of applications in today’s networks. Focus on 10GBASE-T which combines backward compatibility, cost efficiency, ease of use.

Deployment of server virtualization, cloud, big data solution leads to cost reduction and performance improvement, but network throughput also increases greatly. A Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connection can accommodate the bandwidth requirements of a single physical server, but it is not sufficient to support peak virtualization server consolidation scenarios and multiple traffic types. If you increase the GbE port of the server and expand it, you can increase the bandwidth but increase the cost.

To compensate for the above drawbacks, many companies adopt 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE). 10GBASE-T built on the old generation BASE-T and the new LOM implementation makes it possible to deploy 10GbE at low cost, and it is expected to reduce power consumption. In addition to reliability, flexibility, backward compatibility, cost efficiency, ease of use, 10GBASE-T, which combines reaching a distance of 100 meters, will be an ideal choice.