Buying two devices is too much trouble: Google home or will integrate router functionality

Since Google hopes that every room has Google Wi-Fi and Google Home, why not combine them into one?

There are some minor conflicts in Google’s family strategy. In addition to the TV-centric Chromecast, Google’s strategy is roughly arranged in two aspects: First, Google Home, including voice-controlled home assistants and audio, and first, Google WiFi, a wireless router.

Google uses a similar sales metric for both devices: multiple Google Home speakers work simultaneously, allowing music and voice commands to reverberate in every room; multiple Google WiFi boxes work together, allowing powerful Wi-Fi signals to fill the entire house. Overall, Google wants both devices to occupy (almost) every indoor space. But are consumers willing to do this?

A new report from the Information said that Google is addressing the conflict. According to reports, the company is considering designing a “Google smart home speaker with built-in WiFi wireless network”, covering both Google Home and Google WiFi. This is a speaker, also a voice command system and a Wi-Fi router, all in one. This combination mode can be put into each room as a single device developed by Google, which is more meaningful than the current sales gimmick.

The report did not mention more details of Google’s combined devices, nor did it mention the price. The separate costs for Google Home and Google WiFi are $130, and the three device bundles bundled with Google WiFi are priced at $300. The combination will definitely help Google and its deadly competitor, Amazon Echo, to differentiate themselves and help Google WiFi stand out from the wireless router camp.