Traditional storage revolution, cloud storage opens the era of security

Before the emergence of cloud storage, traditional DVR, NVR, IPSAN and other storage systems set off the banner of data storage, and it became more and more difficult as big data gradually expanded. With the advent of the cloud era, cloud storage replaces traditional storage, breaking the storage difficulties of the big security era one by one, becoming the best choice for big data storage.

With the implementation of large security projects such as safe cities, smart cities, and intelligent transportation, the explosive growth of data is driving the era of human beings entering big data. According to IDC’s forecast, the world officially entered the ZB era in 2010, and the global data volume has doubled every two years, which means that the amount of data generated by humans in the last two years is equivalent to the total amount of data generated before. Driven by the great network of video surveillance and high-definition, the video surveillance business has entered the era of massive data storage.

Challenge traditional storage cloud storage to achieve a big jump in storage capabilities

Security data has increased dramatically, and traditional storage methods have been unable to meet demand in terms of capacity, performance, and intelligence. The emergence of cloud storage has made up for the deficiencies of traditional storage. By virtualizing large-capacity storage, distributed storage, and automatic operation and maintenance, the storage space is infinitely increased and expanded. The automation and intelligent functions improve storage efficiency. In addition, scale effect and flexible expansion, reduce operating costs and avoid waste of resources.

As an important part of cloud computing, cloud storage uses cluster applications, grid technologies or distributed file systems to jointly work together with different types of storage devices in the network to provide data storage and service access services. Compared with the traditional storage method, Wang Yifei, project manager of Nanjing Yun-Chuang Storage Technology Co., Ltd., believes that cloud storage has the advantages of high scalability, online scalability, and high-cost performance.

As the cornerstone of big data storage and analysis, Cloud can efficiently integrate and flexibly allocate IT resources, and intelligent storage is the core of cloud services.

Wang Guan, cloud storage technology support manager of Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., said that the cloud storage system is not only exponentially increasing in the field of video surveillance storage, but also brings a qualitative leap to the storage system. From the level of providing traditional storage devices and disk capacity to the stage of providing massive storage space and storage services. Providing storage services is to simplify the way users access services, package the core value of the storage system, and output in the most simple and convenient way. At the same time, the content and quality of the storage are optimized, and the cloud storage system is combined with the current video surveillance service features to output a video cloud storage service that is closer to the industry demand.

“However, the main bottleneck of cloud storage combined with video surveillance is still the speed of the network. Video surveillance is very large unstructured data. It is difficult to transmit in large quantities on the public network. At the same time, security storage involves public security and privacy. The problem, deployed in the private LAN, is still the choice of most customers.” Mingxiyuan, manager of the operation and maintenance department of Shenzhen Zeyun Technology Co., Ltd. said.

“In addition, all the features of cloud storage are cost advantages,” added Zeyun Technology Mingxiyuan. “For customers, using cloud storage will reduce the cost of purchasing storage devices, maintaining the cost of storage systems, and repairing the cost of storage components such as hard drives, array cards, fans, and other consumable parts. Cloud storage has a significant total cost of ownership advantage over traditional centralized storage.”

User acceptance is not high, cloud products are still difficult to land

In the United States, there was such a survey. Because government agencies and secret hackers frequently secretly steal data and undermine personal privacy, 55% of Americans are willing to give up social media for privacy reasons and said that compared to virtual cloud storage. They believe that physical storage systems are indeed the most trusted method of storing personal data. It can be seen that the user’s acceptance of cloud storage remains a wait-and-see attitude. Although in terms of security, cloud storage has gradually made achievements in reliability and security, the data is sorted according to priorities in the system, providing RAID, network RAID, multiple copies, and inter-cloud backup. The security guarantee method can also comprehensively control the cost in addition to the high-security requirements of important data. Therefore, cloud products are difficult to land, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the cloud-related products are difficult to land and have a direct impact on the product itself and the user experience. Zeyun Technology Mingxiyuan believes that from the perspective of the product itself, the cloud concept products involve data center construction, hardware equipment investment, basic system research and development, and online business operation and maintenance. These require a large amount of upfront investment, which cannot be tolerated by ordinary enterprises. From the perspective of user acceptance, cloud concept products still have security and reliability problems for the customer base. Hikvision’s crown also believes that the problem of cloud probabilistic products landing difficult and easy depends mainly on the accurate grasp of the user’s needs.

Second, the inconsistency of standards is also one of the influencing factors. Wu Yue, product manager of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. added that the current security market does not have an industry standard for cloud storage. As cloud storage, cloud computing and big data applications are still in the initial stage of the development of the domestic security industry, Functionality, performance, and stability of the device are all immature for big data analytics applications, and as a result, it is difficult to achieve landing. In addition, another major reason for the difficulty of landing cloud-related products is that the current amount of data has not yet reached a certain level. When the data reaches a certain amount, the use of cloud concept products will have a certain effect.

Smart city construction is not cloud storage

The construction of smart cities is in full swing. In the current construction of smart cities and other large projects, the largest amount of data generated is mainly in video surveillance. Therefore, solving the problem of video surveillance big data storage has become the primary task of smart city construction. Video surveillance storage technology and other industries have unique requirements for storage systems. It has many monitoring points, a large number of cameras, long monitoring time, and often takes several months to collect data, which has special and strict requirements on the capacity, performance, and stability of the storage system.

Hikvision Wangguan believes that the cloud storage system provides a large amount of storage space, unified storage and high-speed output for the data volume of the city’s 100-PB and even EB, plus the embedded intelligent algorithm for preliminary data screening, which will benefit big data. The overall application of analysis and mining. It provides good support for the overall construction and operational efficiency of safe cities and smart cities. “Cloud storage can provide high-speed data transmission capabilities and data sharing capabilities,” Dahua shares Wu Yue added.

Zeyun Technology Mingxiyuan pointed out that distributed storage technology in cloud storage can bring the following two breakthroughs for video surveillance in Safe City: performance bottleneck of single device, cloud storage uses direct memory to solve memory access speed The problem will greatly improve the storage access performance; the storage capacity bottleneck of a single device, the cloud storage adopts the multi-machine cluster mode to provide external services, and its storage capacity is changed from the original single capacity to a large storage resource pool and storage space. Will be greatly improved.

“Cloud storage helps the construction of smart cities in four aspects,” said Su Jie, Product Manager of Cloud Computing Products Department of Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd. “On the one hand, cloud storage can provide high throughput of video data, adapt to the current high-speed video surveillance and high-bandwidth video storage requirements; on the other hand, cloud storage can be protected by decentralized and clustered technologies to provide reliable Complete data, and ensure that data is not lost; in addition, the expansion of cloud storage is simple, just add devices directly, the cloud storage system will automatically put the devices into the cluster to expand the space and have no impact on the business system. Finally, Cloud storage has strong data sharing capabilities, making it easier for different application systems to access without having to access it through a professional interface.”