RuiJie Networks RG-WALL 1600-X9850 Firewall evaluation

About Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-X9850

The rapid development of the Internet, while providing us with convenience, has also brought more and more complex security issues. To guard the network throat, traditional firewall products, obviously have been unable to do so, so the next generation of firewalls should emerge. We say that the next-generation firewall is not a simple feature stacking and performance overlay, but to achieve true integration, appropriate network environment, and user needs.

On the other hand, with the increase of bandwidth and network speed, the scale of the export network has also been upgraded from 100 Mbps to 10 Mbps, and the network is upgrading. However, most firewalls have been iteratively updated, but in reality, they have stopped. The official Xuan parameters are far from the actual results. The reason is that in the actual network environment, 64-256 bytes of data packets are the most, so the packet data processing capability is the key to measuring the performance of firewall products.

In this issue, we received the test product is Ruijie’s RG-WALL 1600-X9850 new next-generation firewall, which not only has a strong performance, but also adopts the overall design, one delivery, and can easily meet the export demand of 100,000 people. Let us hurry to find out!

Let’s take a general look at the product. Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-X9850 new next-generation firewall adopts CPU+ASIC hardware architecture, breaking through the performance bottleneck of X86 and MIPS architecture, integrating the technology accumulation of Ruijie Security for many years, and the performance easily meets the export demand of 100,000 people. For the business and interface, the complex modular design is abandoned, all integrated on the host, without the need for additional hardware configuration to enjoy the highest performance, the most diverse business, the most abundant interface. At the same time, the hardware configuration, redundant power supply, and redundant fans are achieved, achieving 99.999% carrier-class reliability.

What is the value of Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-X9850 next-generation firewall?

First of all, Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-X9850 new next-generation firewall adopts X86 CPU+ASIC hardware architecture, and the performance of small packets can reach about 70% of the performance of the whole machine. The performance of small packets is strong, and it can provide users with more reliable security experience.

Secondly, the application layer security performance of Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-X9850 new next-generation firewall is assisted by CPU processing by multiple ASIC chips. Each function is based on ASIC chip hardware acceleration. Single ASIC chip can provide up to 40Gbps IPv4 and IPv6 firewall. performance. For the application layer security, the hardware architecture of the new RG-WALL 1600-X9850 next-generation firewall also claims to ensure that users can enable SSL deep detection, security detection, virus protection, and other security modules to ensure sufficient performance and secure application layer security.

Finally, because the host form is a standard 3U device, the footprint is small and space is saved, and the operation is convenient and the performance ratio is higher. In addition, the Ruijie X9850 provides users with four 40GE QSFP interfaces and 20 10 GE SFP+/ The GE SFP interface and eight 10 GE SFP+ interfaces are rich in interfaces to meet multi-link scenarios and reserve interfaces for future expansion. The average power consumption of the whole machine is 725W, which can save energy while improving investment income.

Well, now we have a general understanding of the Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-X9850 new next-generation firewall, what is the performance, the mouth can not say, immediately enter the next par — laboratory evaluation.

Laboratory evaluation

At this evaluation location, we chose the Wilk Communication Laboratory in China. China Wilk Communication Laboratory is a fair and authoritative national third-party information and communication laboratory. It is engaged in network information security services, software and information system evaluation, third-party commissioned inspection and acceptance, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Testing and evaluation and technical services such as certification testing, industry/enterprise standard setting, and cooperative research in new field projects.

And the laboratory as the International Telecommunication Union ITU-T Study Group 17 (Safety) China counterpart group leader, China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) full-fledged members and governing units, Beijing Software and Information Services Association governing units, telecommunications terminal testing The core members of the Technical Association (TAF) are actively involved in various standards development and technical research covering the entire information and communication field.

This test includes two performance tests and safety function performance tests.

Ruijie firewall actual anti-virus performance reaches 20G, I think here I miss the era of Core Duo, the average speed is only 1M, the actual average throughput is only a few hundred years, a Kaspersky will be laughed at, very It is easy to crash, which means that the anti-virus function of the firewall can easily replace 80,000 PCs in the year to achieve anti-virus, which is consistent with the anti-virus capability claimed by Ruijie.


We have seen that Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-X9850 new next-generation firewall has passed the professional scientific test of the third-party evaluation room, and all the indicators meet the requirements and even exceed the declared value. Here we also recommend that you choose When purchasing a firewall, you should not only refer to the test results in the ideal environment but also pay attention to the product’s packet processing performance, delay and security function startup and other reference conditions. Finally, I hope that our objective evaluation of this time will help you in the selection of your future firewall equipment.