MPO/MTP Fiber Jumper Introduction

The MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) fiber jumper connector is one of the MT series connectors. The guide holes on the left and right sides of the ferrule end face are accurately connected with the guide pin (also called PIN pin). MPO connectors and fiber optic cables can be processed to produce various forms of MPO jumpers.

Product introduction

In order to meet the high-density and high-efficiency cable connection requirements of high-speed and large-capacity optical communication systems, MPO fiber jumpers have emerged. MPO multi-core technology, not only 8 core / 12 core, or even 72 core or more. The MTP / MPO high-density cabling system is a high-density fiber patch cord and ribbon cable that is quickly configured in the field. It is an ideal solution for data center needs in the context of increasing the high-capacity wiring in the user data center.

MPO/MTP Fiber Jumper Introduction

Classification and product display

According to application points: MPO trunk fiber patch cord and MPO fanout fiber patch cord. The backbone fiber patch cord acts as a permanent connection to the MTP/MPO module, giving you the flexibility to change the connection form on the fiber optic panel. Branch fiber patch cords provide a transition between multiple fiber patch cords to a single fiber patch cord or duplex connector.

According to the connection type: transfer type and non-transfer type. The MPO fiber jumper has a ribbon or bundles MPO fiber jumper. The splitter can be used to transfer 2~24 core 0.9 or 2.0 cable branches. The connector type can be LC, SC, FC, and ST.


Grind the A-stage end face. Adopting Japanese imported grinding equipment and grinding materials, MPO flat connector, the ferrule end face is in a plane grinding state, and the advanced manufacturing process ensures the transmission of a more stable and good transfer conductor. Imported core, Japanese and American ferrules, strict testing standards, to ensure product quality, high-end data is not lost, perfect to achieve 40G, to avoid interference, high-resolution environmental protection, and quality.

LSZH low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant, and environment-friendly optical cable sheath eliminates external signal interference and provides a transparent, stable, agile and natural transmission square humanized design. The square port is versatile and meets the needs of most of the devices on the market with fiber optic interfaces. The connector is compact in design, and the 1 MPO/MTP connector can accommodate 12 cores. It is easy to insert and remove, and it is easy to install and remove the dust cap protection. The connector is matched with the dust cap to protect the end face of the joint from damage, which makes the wire have a longer service life and less attenuation.