Do you know the application scenarios of MTP/MPO harness cable 

The high rate and high density of MTP/MPO harness fiber patch cords are the trend of data center development in the future. Ribbon cable can meet these two requirements at the same time. MTP/MPO harness fiber patch cords play an important role in the data center. In general, Data centers generally use pre-terminated MTP/MPO ribbon fiber products and ribbon cables for cabling. Here are three application scenarios for MTP/MPO harness fiber patch cables.

MTP/MPO harness cable 

What is MPO/MTP harness fiber cable?

MTP/MPO harness fiber patch cord is one end of the fiber optic cable pre-terminated MTP/MPO connector, and the other end is terminated with the simplex/duplex connector (LC/SC). This cable is suitable for 10G network equipment and 40/100G equipment wiring.

Both ends of the MTP/MPO trunk fiber patch cord are pre-terminated with MTP/MPO connectors, which are commonly used for backbone cabling in data centers. The front panel of the MTP/MPO adapter module provides multiple simplex/duplex LC/SC interfaces, and the rear panel provides 1-2 MTP/MPO interfaces. The MTP/MPO to LC/SC branch fiber patch cords are pre-installed in the box. It is mainly used for switching between MTP/MPO trunk fiber patch cords and LC/SC fiber patch cords. MTP/MPO backbone fiber patch cords are often used with MTP/MPO switch module boxes to enable interconnection and cross-connection between network devices.

We know that due to the increasing demand for bandwidth, the number of cables in network equipment in the data center is increasing, and the wiring space in the data center is very limited, which will undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on the cooling system. And it caused a lot of inconvenience to the work of cable removal. The use of ribbon cable can effectively solve these problems.