NEC Japan builds Latin American-European submarine cable WASACE1

Recently, Hemisphere Cable Corporation (HCC) and Japan NEC announced plans to build a new submarine cable system called WASACE 1, linking Europe to Latin America.

The 29,000-kilometer-long new submarine cable will connect to Fortaleza, Brazil, Canary Islands, and Seixal, as well as Cape Verde, Madeira, and Casablanca. In addition, the new system will include the Network Operations Center (NOC) and the new data center in the Canary Islands, which is expected to open additional routes from West Africa, the Mediterranean and North America.

“HCC is pleased to initially invest in the WASACE 1 system, opening a new era of links between Europe and Latin America,” said HCC CEO Luis Jara, who will provide low latency by providing a direct path between these continents rather than through the United States. Communication service.

Once completed, WASACE 1 will be the first system to deploy the first-generation fiber technology between Europe and Latin America, enabling it to add capacity between older systems. It will have 8 fiber pairs with a total capacity of 144Tbps and an upgradeable initial capacity of 18Tbps per pair.

The project will not be completed for more than 30 months and is expected to be operational in the second quarter of 2021.

The second submarine cable system, WASACE 2, will also be deployed in the near future to connect the Canary Islands to South Africa. It is expected that the detailed plan will be announced by mid-2019 in order to be completed in the second half of 2021.

Luis Jara said, “In addition, the establishment of the new data center in the Canadian Islands and the construction of the WASACE 2 cable, for HCC, means becoming the main interconnection hub for and in conjunction with Africa, Latin America, the Mediterranean, the United States, and Europe. An important milestone.”